Tiffin and You

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As a childcare provider we know as a parent your main priority is to find a nursery that offers the right setting for your child and one that also understands the importance of earning the trust and confidence of parents.


We dedicate our energies to creating a nurturing environment that delivers best practice childcare and education to all who walk through our nursery doors.

Applying a holistic approach to childcare allows the nursery team to develop strong relationships with children and parents, strengthening and further adding value to a child’s nursery and preschool experience.

Our Tiffin parent community come together throughout the year to enjoy events that welcome Mum’s, Dad’s, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Carers.

Our Tiffin Community Events include…

At The Tiffin we work to build relationships, to become part of one ‘Big Family!’ where are interests are focussed on making a child’s experience of the early years a memorable one.

All this activity comes naturally to us in an effort to ensure your child’s development is at the ‘Heart’ of what we do. Helping to nurture and encourage learning through discovery and play within a daily established routine is what we do best.

Not only do we offer education through creativity and play but we pride ourselves in understanding the importance of nurturing confidence and creating an enthusiasm to learn new experiences during these early years with the added support of our parent community.

Working together is critical to a child’s ‘whole’ early years experience and it is with the support of our parents that we are able to, together nurture confident independently minded children who are enthusiastic about learning and growing.The EYFS combined with a caring and safe environment nurtures imaginative learning; fun and laughter is a guaranteed daily take-away.