Tiffin Children

Our routine for the children …

Each child who joins our nursery community is an individual and each has there own personalities and characteristics. We make every day an exciting experience but we always need to start the day with a familiar routine that we follow throughout the day that helps the children to get the best out of the Tiffin day.

What do the children enjoy from the moment they walk in…

Welcome 08.00-9.00am – Children arrive between 8.00am and 9.00am where they are able to enjoy the early morning company of their friends and our educators. We welcome children into the classrooms, where we set out activities that inspire and provide opportunities for the children to learn and grow from the moment they step into the classroom. Our educators make a point of laying out early morning ‘wake up’ activities that allow the children to ease into the day by choosing an activity to get them warmed up for the busy and active day ahead.

We make a point of getting to know what our Tiffin child like so there is always an opportunity for them to access their favourite resources throughout their time with us.

Circle Time 9.00am – We love circle time. It’s a great opportunity to engage the children in language and communication and we enjoy sharing our stories and feelings for the day. It’s a great time to learn about new topics and recap on existing topics always reinforcing messages as we communicate.

Learning through Play – The nursery day is then filled with opportunities to experience, themes and topics, sensory, messy play, creative arts, science, brain testing small world engineering challenges and construction activities, role-play, storytelling, singing and dancing and so much more.

Our pre-school children take part in cognitive skill development including Math and Literacy sessions to support their skills for school readiness.

10.00am Little Tiffin’s Re-fuel – After all the morning fun we will re-fuel with a morning ‘Community Table’ snack that gets us all going for the second half of the morning, where we can chat and eat socially amongst friends while learning valuable table skills. We promote a healthy snack that is low in sugar, low in salt, rich with calcium and fresh fruit.

Then rain or shine we will enjoy the weather and aren’t afraid to get our wheelies on for kick about in the mud.

…. To find out more come and meet our active Tiffin Children and experience the wonders of a Tiffin Day.