Tiffin Principles

At The Tiffin Day Nursery and Pre-School our learning principles focus on four prime areas:


We support development of a creative mind by allowing children to act on their own creative ideas.

Children find wonderful ways of interpreting events, situations, and scenarios. We have created an unrestricted environment, where children are able to explore their imagination by developing their ideas.


Using best practices from around the world, Windsor has developed a program of care that supports and nurtures the strengths of every child. Using an exciting combination of child and adult led activities, we have established a truly rewarding programme of care for both staff and their charges that supports to prepare children for the challenges that lay ahead.


Our goal is to provide the gentle care of supportive hands to nurture young people into healthy, bright and vibrant individuals.

Much of a child’s intellect and personality is formed in the early years of their lives and the quality of care and confident instruction they receive during this time is key to the development of who they become.

Every child should achieve success no matter how big or small during their time at Windsor. Our emphasis is on recognising the unique characteristics of each child and using this as their foundation for development.


Children learn by exploring; whether it is challenging their senses, feeding their imaginations or just allowing them to engage with paints, glitters, sand or water. The resources offered within the nursery have been carefully selected to provide children with a variety of sensory opportunities to stimulate different feelings and thoughts. Providing children with a variety of equipment and resources, helps foster and encourage development of their ideas and learning approaches.

‘Intelligent Childcare for Enquiring Minds’